Monday, August 30, 2010

Rest & Relaxation

This weekend was a great weekend.  Not that anything truly remarkable happened, but maybe because it was just an ordinary weekend. W has been off playing casanova the past couple weeks so M and I have the house to ourselves.  We both took off Friday, but not to go anywhere or do anything.  Not that we did absolutely nothing, but sometimes M feels the need to have an agenda, somewhere to go, things to do, I sometimes like to just relax and have no plans.  So this weekend we had no real plans.  Friday we got errands ran, and just took care of things that needed to be done during the week but we never seem to have time for while working. 
Saturday we took the bikes down to the Heritage trail and rode 14+ miles, then went to a friend's pool party that afternoon.  The weather cooperated, wasn't unbearably hot.  The trail is shady so that helps! Sun was out and pretty warm at the pool party but then that just made it feel good to jump in the water.  Got to swim a few laps and tease a couple of the dogs that wanted to follow along the side of the pool back and forth... I always loved swiming.  I miss having a pool or a gym membership with a pool.  I did forget though to watch my knee while trying to swim laps.  I have a tendancy to hurt my left knee while kicking unless I either wrap it first or pay close attention and dont kick hard and just use my arms to pull myself along.  Well, I forgot.  But nothing serious.  We had fun. 
Sunday we loaded the bikes up again, and went back down to the trail and this time did 18 miles.  It was a little warmer on Sunday, but there was a nice breeze and of course the shade on the trail.  This was first weekend in over 3 weeks that I was able to get out on one of the trails and ride.  I'd been on-call the previous 3 weekends. 
Riding helps my knees, but then they are stiff afterward.  They were stiff when I woke up Sunday morning, and stiff when I started out riding Sunday, and stiff this morning as I went into work.  By now they have loosened back up.  Relaxing in the Hot tub also helps my arthritis a lot.  I am sooo glad that my MS didn't take that away and I can still enjoy soaking my aching bones in the hot water.  There have been some times, usually in the midst of a flare that I can't tolerate the heat but normally it still feels good.
So here's to rest and relaxation.  And to a great weekend.

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