Saturday, May 1, 2010

Knee surgery, recovery

I had the arthoscopic surgery on my right knee on Thursday.  Outpatient, the surgery took less than an hour I think.  I was told to bring my crutches but didn't need them.  They want you up on your feet soon as possible. It appears I worried myself silly over nothing really.  I was worried that my unstable left knee wouldn't be able to pull the slack during recovery etc.  But I'm in virtually no pain.  He told us that it might be like that, since he cleaned out the debris, and cleaned up the irritants, he said my knee might actually feel better after the surgery and not have the sore aches and pains normally associated with surgery.  I can walk pretty much normal, even take stairs slow.  It aches a bit at night or if I've been up on it for a while - due to swelling but if I keep it iced and elevated it is great.  Last night I think my left knee bothered me more during the night than the right.

M is saying maybe we should have had this done a long time ago, and maybe need to go on to have the left one done.  Maybe.  My concern on the left is that it is not just the pain but the instability.  Which I think is due to the ACL injury years ago that was never repaired.

Anyway, it is a good day.  The sun is shining bright.  A little too hot, but the breeze feels good.  I'm sitting out on our deck enjoying it - at least for now, until I get too hot out here and/or the breeze dies down.  I'm one of the apparent lucky ones with MS that isn't that effected by the heat.  I'm more effected by cold.  Doesn't mean I like being hot or don't get uncomfortable from the heat.  I just don't have some of the issues a lot of others have with the heat.

M went riding again today.  I feel like I should be ready to join back next weekend or so.  W went over to the rentals to work in our garden.  The rest of the house is being lazy - the dog thinks it is too hot out here and went back in.  The cats are sprawled in various locations around the house finding some warm sun to nap in.  This is just a good lazy saturday.