Monday, March 22, 2010

broken ankles, getting back on the bike....

It's been a while since I posted.  I'm still healing from the broken ankle - I have taken the walking boot off.  But I can tell that ankle is weak.  It gets sore when I use it, I'm going to have to work at it to get the strength back on that side.  Between the left knee and the ankle that is definitely my week side.

I go back to the Dr this coming Friday to have a new set of x-ray's and to make sure all has healed.  However this weekend was 9 weeks since I fell and broke it, so I decided it had been long enough.  I was supposed to have gone back to the Dr on the 15th and have the x-ray's and find out how the ankle was doing, but between a combination of not getting enough sleep over the weekend, having brain fog over the daylight savings time change and somehow screwing up my alarm, I over-slept.  I called to re-schedule and was given a Friday appt.  Silly me, I thought we were talking about last Friday (3/19) and only found out that it was not until 3/26 when I showed up only to find my Dr wasn't in.  Since it had been 8 weeks on the 14th, and almost 9 weeks by the 19th, I decided I didn't need to wait for 10 weeks to take off the walking boot and that maybe it would be better for me to start using it.  I've just taken it easy on what I've been doing.

I have discovered that walking around on bumpy terrain is a challenge.  I feel really unsteady, part of it might be the MS, part of it the weak knee that sometimes feels like it will just "go out" without warning.  Some of it is that the ankle isn't sure about twisting in all sorts of angles and directions and still holding up my weight.  When I see the Dr I am going to request getting some PT to try to work on strengthening it.

I also am really nervous about getting back on a bike.  Getting on it and riding is fine.  That I can do.  It is the "stopping" and getting off that worries me.  That and how to face going up a hill.  What if I get part way up and realize I'm not prepared and can't finish it.  So far I haven't been real successful on stopping without falling off.  Falling off and bruising my pride is one thing.  Breaking ankles is a whole other thing.

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