Saturday, January 23, 2010

staring at the walls, recovering

So it has now been a week since I fell off the bike.  I'm still hobbling on crutches (doc did say it would be 3 weeks), I can now put some weight on my bad leg if I use the crutches to distribute the weight.  W says it would be easier with a walker, he's probably right.
I'm getting a bit tired of staying in, but yet don't quite feel brave enough to face the stairs.  We live in a split level, and I managed to drag myself up to the main floor last saturday with sheer determination.  I think I can get back down now if I use the crutches right, and slowly make my way down.  Getting back up again will be harder, but guess I can always do the same butt scoot I did the last time.
The team went out for another bike ride today, I am sorry I missed it.  They went about 12 miles around and near wildwood park.  Since it appears we can't go without having some form of excitement, W was the designated clutz and fell off his bike while going up a slight incline.  He said it was similar circumstance in that there was dogs involved and he didn't shift down enough to make the hill.  He rolled down an embankment and avoided going in the pond thanks to a wisteria bush.  He's ok, just a little sore.
I am sort of dreading going back to work this coming Wednesday.  Not only will I have to drag myself across the parking lot to the building, (now is when one of those handicap things would be handy), but then I will have to be there all day.  I find that my routine here involves short time spans of working in my office (organizing my desk, wasting time on facebook and other things that take up exorbitant amounts of time), and sitting in the recliner in the living room and either reading (mostly), watching tv (not so much), or napping (popular especially in the morning or late afternoon).  I won't have those options while at work.  I will have to somehow stay focused and working at my desk for 8 hrs.  I was also talking about it to M and mentioned that I wasn't even sure what I would wear.  She wanted to know what I meant.  Well, I can't fit a shoe over the aircast and don't want to go all day and/or do that much walking wihtout it.  She said just put a shoe on my good foot and leave a sock on that one.  I guess.  Did I mention that it is a big parking lot?  I think I may park in one of the visitor spots that are about as close as the handicapped.  Although they are often taken.  Most of the handicapped spots are always open, with only one or two having any cars in them.
M says to quit worrying about all that until after I see the dr on Monday.  I guess sometimes what drives me the most nuts is the unknown.  But since that is such a big part of MS, I guess I need to get used to dealing with it.

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Shauna said...

Thank heavens for wisteria bushes, eh?

Hope work went well today.