Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clutz.... How not to fall off a bike

Well the weather has warmed up here in central pa and we had a "heat wave" of 40's to low 50's weather. Great stuff. The cold effects me much more than hot weather.
The weather was so nice yesterday that we decided to go biking. M's sister got a new bike for Xmas, and she was itching to ride. So we went headed off from city island across the bridge and down along front street. I'd gotten a face mask which worked out great M teased me and called it my hannibal lecter look. But it worked great. The under armor pants and new bike shorts were great too.
I had gotten a second bottle cage for my bike for Xmas and had two bottles with me. I brought gaterade g2 instead of just water and it seemed to work well.
We went about 11 miles. I even was able to make it up the big hill ramp at the end of the path by the river closest to rail trail. I'd always had to walk it before. So I was feeling strong. It was a great ride. We started to ride on the rail trail but W was having trouble with his wheels bogging down so was M so we decided to head back toward the island. On Way back M and her sister were a ways ahead of me and I watched as they went up the ramp near the bridge to the island. A couple was there with their dog and the dog lunged and the woman had trouble controlling it. As I came up to the ramp I was watching them get the dog under control and I was busy thinking about that and didn't gear down enough to prepare for the hill. Soon as I passed the couple I knew I was in trouble. So thought i would have to stop and walk rest of way. I need to figure out a better way to stop on a hill. Last time I did that on a hill on city island I fell and strained my wrist. This time wasn't any better. I went to stand on my left leg and my trick knee went out. And down I went. Hard on my knee. Twisted my ankle and rolled down hill in process. As I lay there thinking how stupid. And what I should have could have etc. The couple came back to ask if I was ok. And wanted to help me up. I said I was ok and they didn't need to call anyone that I was riding with others. I was laying on my back thinking I may have broke something this time. M and her sister came back to check on me. W was there pretty soon too. I tried to get up on my own and knew my left knee and or ankle was really bad. They had to pull me up. I couldn't put weight on my leg so I used M and W as crutches and hopped (very slowly with several breaks by this point I was exhausted and had no reserves) to the top of the ramp to find a bench. They went back for the pilot to come get me.
They wanted to know if I wanted to head home or ER? I opted for going to OSS urgent care down in York. They have my records and is where my osteo is. I think it was good choice. The wait was less than at hospital ER. They took xrays of knee and ankle. Saw the doc on duty and he said I have a hairline fracture in my ankle and twisted hell out of my ankle. Also bruised the hell out of the tendons below my knee knee cap and had a hematoma (blood pooling right below kneecap making it look that much more swollen.) prognosis is that I'll live, it could have been much worse. But could have been much better. He said i'd feel the worse the day after and day after that. I'll be on crutches and using an air cast for about 3 weeks. I have pain pills and need to keep leg elevated and ice on ankle and knee.
Using crutches sucks. The nurse that gave me brief instructions on how to do it mentioned thst i would find using them is exhausting. Very true. M keeps after me to make sure I keep going. A combination of trying to keep me motivated and moving since I have to to get to wherever I'm going and partly that she really doesn't get the exhaustion. When my reserves are gone. I have nothing left. Just grit and determination. And i become even more unsteady unbalanced. Not good for a gimp on crutches with one knee and ankle already screwed up.
So now I'm home and recovering. Looks like I will have to postpone the arthoscopic surgery on my right knee until this clears up with my left leg.
There has got to be a better way to dismount off my bike if I get stuck on a hill and can't make it up. This fall and roll is just not working for me.

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