Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Catch up (ketchup, catsup)

Note - thought I might need to clarify the heading.  I was just using a play on words with the catchup, catsup and ketchup.  I never did really get what the difference between ketchup and catsup is - something to do with one being much sweeter?

I don't know how others do this; keep up with their blogs on a daily or even weekly basis. I have lots of thoughts, and thought I would be able to find 10-15 minutes here or there to do an update. But that doesn't appear to be working out.

First of all work seems to be the biggest obstacle getting in the way. Damn the luck, I do have to focus on that since it does pay the bills and especially pay the mortgage. We couldn't make it without my income without making lots of drastic changes. And while there are some days that I really do wish I could retire early and not drag my sorry butt into work, I know that I am fortunate enough that I a) have a decent job, and b) still have the ability to do it.

Since I have posted in a while I'm just going to hit some of the high-light’s, or low life’s, depending the perspective.

1. The biking is temporarily on hold - cold weather has crept in. If we do have some decent (no rain/sleet/snow, dry days we might bundle up and try to head out on a Sat or Sun. I really like the bike and am looking forward to when it does get warmer and we can get out more.

2. The bruising seems to have cleared up somewhat, only change is that I drastically dropped the amount of Advil I was taking. Which now my knees bother me some, especially the right - which has the arthritis behind the kneecap. But I don't know if that is due to the Advil or not. That knee basically never stopped hurting even when I did the recent round of Synvisc shots. The other knee isn't so bad other than usually aches and pains especially on cold damp days.

3. The thyroid thing - don't remember if I mentioned that, but after the round of biopsies, the results were inconclusive so the Dr now just wants to wait and monitor for the next 9 months - I go back next Sept to have another ultrasound and see if the nodes are growing.


Diane J Standiford said...

Oh, swell, thyroid. My partner has Hasimoto's Thyroidistis. (I think that's it) but it is manegable. A resident just had thyroid surgery and radiation--she is 80 and doing well. What happened to our 20 year old bodies? ROBBERY!

MS Day Dreamer said...

Yes, I think there was a robbery... time was a bandit and it stole our very youth. Sometimes I feel like I went to sleep and woke up gasp, "old". Other times I catch myself thinking I can still do/act like a 20 yr old but if I say anything about it, usually M is there to remind me LOL.
The Dr's (including my brother) tell me thyriod cancer if you get it is the best kind of cancer you can get - curable.
My neice has hasimoto's, and I think she said there is graves disease in her family on her mother's side.