Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black and blue

I've noticed over the last couple weeks that I seem to be extremely prone to dark purple black or blue bruises. All over my legs (the worst) some on my arms and a few on my torso. They look terrible. I know some of them are because I am such a clutz but that doesn't explain the extent or the depth of color. I searched a little online and see some people believe that bruising is related to their ms. Others think it is related to there dmd of choice.

Perhaps. The bruising certainly is beyond what is normal for me. But M helped me remember that bruising was what started this summers roller coaster of dr visits. She's right way back before I saw the dr and had the first blood workup that said I was a diabetic in training, I was bruising more easily. Went to dr on theory that the dr could find a cause and get it fixed. Guess it is now full circle. And I still bruise and have no idea why.

For some reason it did seem to clear up over the intervining months. And now it is back and worse than before. Black and dark purple is the new me!!!

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