Monday, January 31, 2011

stumbling around

For the past week I have been limping and hobbling around.  Last monday I went to see my knee dr and got a shot in my left knee.  I was originally supposed to get the first of 3 synvisc shots but when I got there, they told me "its your lucky day." Now considering my luck I should have been suspicious right then.  But they told me that someone had scheduled getting a synvisc-one shot and cancelled and since they couldn't return the shot, they could give it to me for free.  No charge for the shot or visit.  So, I discuss the differences between the 1 shot vs the 3, I had major reservations regarding doing the 1 shot, because it was basically taking the exact same formula, and doing the shot all at once vs breaking into three separate shots.  I was concerned because sometimes getting the amount in the 1/3 shot was a lot of pressure, but he said he would inject it in a little different place and that would give it more room, so I decided to try it out.

So I got the shot, and it wasn't too bad.  A little sore that day - this is typical, usually the day of the shot is a achy and it takes a day or so before it kicks in.  I went on to work, same with Tuesday.  But then by Wednesday, my knee was killing me.  I was hobbling around and could barely walk.  M said she thought my knee was swollen, at that point I couldn't see it myself.  We got snow, so I took a "snow day" and worked from home.  Luckily I can do my job as easily from home as I can from the office.  It is just preferred that we go in.  Thursday, it was worse, so I took a sick day and even called back into the dr.  said my knee was swelling, and achy and I couldn't walk, etc.  Spoke to the assistant, and was told that maybe it was just because I did the one shot instead of doing the 3, that it was a lot more fluid and to keep it elevated and ice on it.  I slept most of thursday, hoping to "sleep it off and feel better." That didn't really work.  I asked about taking another sick day on Friday but was told that no... my boss and the entire rest of my team was already out on vacation, trying to get their last days in before end of year.  So worked from home again.  Was miserable most of the weekend.

M told me to start using one of my canes... which helped, not sure why I didn't do it myself.  I think she is over me being home and hobbling.  I'm not sure if it is that she feels a little helpless when I'm sick or "under the weather" or if she just finds it irritating.  In any case she has become very irritable, and being irritable myself from being in pain, I'm having a little trouble being sympathetic.

I went back to the Dr this morning, they drained off over 10 cc's of fluid off my knee.  Two huge syringes.  The amount looked about 4 times the amount of that shot from last week.  But it did make a big difference.  The achy pain that was my constant friend, throbbing from my knee down into my ankle,  keeping a beat all its own with sharp heart beats of pain radiating.  actually I think most of the pain was down in my ankle.  Think that is a good example of "referred pain".  I tried most everything.  Ice, heat, elevate, massage, hot tub, advil, vicodin, even alcohol.  No not all at the same time.  Though, if I had thought it might help, well.... I got the best relief from some pain relief cream that I would rub on my knee and down the back of my calf and around my ankle.  Flexerall plus.  It has a stronger smell than ben-gay, but unlike ben-gay it helps when I've had bad knee aches in the past.  So Why not? I tried it.  I think all it did was distract the nerves along my leg.  But it helped.

Now after having the fluid removed, my leg no longer looks deformed.  and the constant pain is gone. Did I mention that? That is huge! Big difference.  my knee still aches, but instead of being a 9-11 on that 1-10 scale, it is now more like a 3. I can ignore a 3.  sometimes it aches and the pain climbs but again, it is bearable.  I'm hoping I will be able to sleep tonight.  I haven't slept much the past week.  My knee kept waking me up, I couldn't find a comfortable position. You know, you keep moving hoping to get situated so the pain goes away or calms down, but it wasn't happening.  Sometimes it felt better moving than stopping. But it is hard to keep moving and sleep.  So my sleep was disturbed.  Which meant I disturbed everyone else.  Perhaps that was why M was irritable? lol

I even disturbed the cats. Ziggy hates the smell of the "old lady cream" as M calls the flexerall.  Must be the strong menthol.  He gets a whiff and runs.  I should be more considerate of the rest of the family.

I think I will sleep good tonight.


Doug B said...

I wonder why I haven't noticed your blog before now? Well, anyway, I added you to my "Blogs I Like" list on GTE. I'm also glad your knee problem is improved. Having a bad knee myself, which has been annoying me (to put it mildly)this winter, I can certainly sympathize with you.

Diane J Standiford said...

Ah, the old, "Family V Me" syndrome. I don't get it. I had to miss 8hrs of sleep for YEARS thanks to partner's pain, another few years thanks to her menopause, I have "endured" her strange (to me) ointments. pain patches, drug mixtures, to name a few--for 30+ years. SUCK IT UP, M. (I hope she doesn't read your blog...uh-oh) You are young! It only gets worse. Downer? Nah. Why should it be? Just a part of us being trapped in these shells that can malfunction. I should send you some of Aunt Vi's special formula salve---not even a CAT would complain about another scent again. :) Glad your knee is better. 2011---you shouldn't have to live with a 3.

MS Day Dreamer said...

Hey Doug - welcome! My blog definitely isn't all that exciting but glad to have you stop by.
Hmmm... is my knee improved? well, it is better in that it is no longer a watermelon and the constant pain from the adverse reaction is gone. Is it better? I'm now back to where I was before I had the shot. It aches. I hate this weather. Have no clue why I ended up in the part of the US that typically has at least one or two 1-2 foot snow storms every winter. I hate winter. My arthritis hates it too.
I guess I'm lucky, I'm more tolerant of heat than most MS'ers so maybe I should migrate someplace warm.

MS Day Dreamer said...

Diane, no M doesn't read my blog.
I know what you mean about "sucking it up" for the ones you love. Sometimes I think some of us are better equipped to do that. M tries. Or so I tell myself (LOL).
She gets really grouchy if her sleep is disturbed. Me I just roll with it. She typically gets a lot more sleep than I do. She works 2nd shift, which means we don't go to sleep until late, my alarm goes off and I get up and go to work. She stays in and sleeps. Oh well.
ahh... and I'd be happy to take the "3". Right now my knee is leaning more toward a 5 or so. Guess I need to suck it up myself and talk to the doc about the knee replacement.